"My mother thought I was a girl up until I was about 15, she used to buy me dresses and bows and why mother, why?"

— Roger Taylor
"What the fuck is a Maylor? Is it a candy bar or what?"

— Roger Taylor on discovering maylor



“I insisted that I keep the bra and panties that I wore for the I Want To Break Free video shoot, I still slip into them occasionally when I’m feeling naughty.”

— Roger Taylor (via incorrectrogertaylorquotes)

'Well, at the very least, this does mean he'll stop borrowing my lingerie. Do you know how hard it is to get lipstick out of silk?'

Excuse me, red lipstick is tacky so I think you’ll find those markings are not mine, thank you. Maybe you should question your wife!

"His middle name is Tiger because he was conceived on my tigerskin rug, and yes the sex tape does exist but you’ll have to ask Brian for a copy, seeing as he filmed it."

— Roger Taylor on his son Rufus and his infamous sex tape.

Of course it was me yo, I run the blog, I thought u knew how hilarious I was!!! -offend-

"I almost lost my genitals in an unfortunate car accident. I tried to shove my cock into the exhaust pipe.. Loretta wasn’t happy, she doesn’t like surprises."

— Roger Taylor on his car, Loretta.
"I got a fake tan once, I thought I looked smashing, but in reality, I just looked like a tangoed Santa."

— Roger Taylor 
"I like banging and crashing a lot, and I’m not talking about my drums."

— Roger Taylor
"I’m not a fucking girl, you swines!"

— Roger Taylor
"that one about his underwear from IWTBF... when he said it?"

((The quotes aren’t real, they’re just created to amuse you. Sorry D: ))